80s.NYC — street view of 1980s New York.
An interactive map presenting a street-by-street view of 80s New York, reconstructed from historical Department of Finance tax photos. Read about it at Untapped Cities.
MUNI Transit Tracker — charting bus bunching and other frustrations
A real-time graphical representation of problems and delays affecting San Francisco bus and light rail systems.
YouBike Forecast — charting bike share usage patterns
A real-time system to forecast whether bike share stations are empty or full at certain times of day for Taipei City's popular YouBikes.
Eye Pong — An arcade game you play by not looking at it.
Built in a few hours for the 2017 ITP Stupid Things No One Needs and Terrible Ideas Hackathon. Implemented in openFrameworks + openCV. Not playable online. Read about it at The Verge.
NYC Building Age — find the oldest buildings in the five boroughs.
A quick map based on NYC's new, open PLUTO tax lot dataset, built with TileMill. Read about it at CityLab.
Hip Hop Name Drops — the definitive comparison of NBA scoring and rap lyric mentions.
Information collected from Basketball-Reference and the Rap Genius lyrics website. Read more about it at Deadspin.
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