San Francisco MUNI, Visualized

San Francisco's MUNI system has a stated on-time performance of 59.3% , which counts vehicles that run within 4 minutes of schedule. However, OTP is only one factor in perceived transit quality.

This visualization expresses many transit performance metrics, including:

  • Frequency of scheduled service
  • Maximum headway between vehicles
  • Catastrophic failures and delays.

Delays: Vehicles become behind schedule due to street traffic or other factors.

Bunching: Late vehicles get later as they need to pick up more passengers.

Infrequent Service: Large headways due to less vehicles in service than scheduled.

San Francisco, USA


Schedule data via San Francisco MTA. GTFS Feed.

Vehicle location data via NextBus API.

Design derived from original train schedule by E.J. Marey. Source available at

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