Using OpenStreetMap as CAD Data

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I've been involved with OpenStreetMap since 2012, getting my start by making a small WebGL-powered bike map of San Francisco. I'm a little hesitant to consider myself a _contributor_, however, as my involvement up to now has mostly been as …


Real Time Transit Tracking

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Transit data. You probably use it on a daily basis, although it's through a high level interface such as the Google Maps Trip Planner. One nice outcome of commoditized transit routing applications is some standards around transit data that work …


Building footprint data

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The NYC OpenData site has a very appealing sounding dataset here (as of 5/25/2013): Building Footprints - NYC OpenData

Upon downloading it you'll notice it's a directory building_1012.gdb. What?

It's an ESRI File Geodatabase (in GDAL parlance, "FileGDB …